Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

Oh no, which way should I go? Illinois is next so click here.

Market Square Arena, June 26, 1977

A replica of the concert ticket.

A marker to honor Elvis was placed in the parking lot which was once the site of the Market Square Arena. There was an Elvis scarf in the top right corner but unfortunately it was stolen.

This is the site of the former Market Square Arena in Indianapolis. Elvis sang his last song to the public here just 6 weeks before he left us. Besides, I was just looking for a reason to post pics of the man! For those who don't know...I'm a big fan.

Here is a video from his last tour. Please watch, his voice never failed him.

Madison, Indiana

The Ohio River that runs between Madison, Indiana and Kentucky. Perfect weather and a perfect day!

This is all there is

Nothing but these signs on the first day.